1 mai 2020

From Skype, to Zoom, to Microsoft teams

We all discovered new ways of working and collaborating with colleagues, customers and partners during those last unparalleled times of quarantine, here I'm sharing a quick overview about my experience within the most known tools in the market of online collaboration.

When I started my formal career in 2006 in a call center located in Casablanca, I remarked that we have access to limited resources to collaborate with colleagues, yes it's right that we had access to email, we had a dedicated CRM, but I saw many wast of times when I needed any specific assistance, a quick information or simply to check with the supervisor if I can take my break, because you need to hold the line, walk along the  floor to talk to your interlocutor, and come back to you position with you answer, this was in my ease a total wast of time, especially on a such activity based on the high availability of agent to serve the maximum calls possible form customers, to bypass this, with some colleagues we used the Chat feature on Gmail.

Moving to another role in another company, I discovered Lotus, to be honest I was impressed by that tool allowing you to discuss with colleagues but well governed as it can be closed to the only team members of your organization, excellent!

Many months later I got the opportunity to join the biggest start-up in the word at that time, and I discovered Communicator of Microsoft, it's the professional version of MSN, within the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, the word saw a super merge of the two platforms, which brig us Skype for Business.

Skype for business like communicator is offering sharing screen feature, and remote control too, I still remember when me and one colleague discovered by hazard the remote control feature, we were amased for real.

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